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The Causes of Water Leaks: A Complete Guide

Sep 17

Life without indoor plumbing is difficult to comprehend. Most homes use hundreds of gallons of water per day. However, indoor plumbing raises the risk of building water damage problems. In addition to causing expensive water damage, plumbing leaks can significantly increase your water bills. Fortunately, by dealing with household water leaks quickly and effectively with the help of Rock Hill, SC, plumbers, you can save a significant amount of money.


Most frequent reasons for water leaks


Unusual High Water Pressure: Household water pipes are built to withstand water pressure of about 60 psi. Your water pipes may become damaged if the water pressure exceeds this limit, let's say, up to 80 psi, which might occur in the morning when hot water demand is high in a household.


Atypically high water pressure can cause microscopic pinholes in the afflicted water pipes, resulting in minor leaks that cause severe water damage.

Shifting Water Pipes: Different types of water leaks can result from a house's natural shifting over time. The plumbing system may experience unnecessary strain owing to the structure's movement, which could result in pipes breaking or leaking at pipe joints and water connectors.

Residue Build-Up In Water Pipes: The plumbing system in your home has been made to work flawlessly for many years. However, with time, rust and other mineral deposits can accumulate and cause significant damage to the pipes and other plumbing system parts, which can also slow down water flow. As an illustration, water pipe corrosion can compromise the structural integrity of water pipes, causing pinholes to form along the lines. In addition, the plumbing in your home will last longer if you install a water softener or filter to help minimize the number of pollutants in the water.


Toilet Leak: Your toilet may keep flushing on its own due to a leak in the flush valve seal or a damaged flapper. When the seal under the toilet is compromised, a leak at the base of the bathroom can also happen. This can cause your toilet to start to smell bad.

Rapid Temperature Changes: Rapid temperature changes, from hot to cold and vice versa, are another frequent reason for domestic water leaks. Pipes rapidly contract and expand as a result of temperature changes, which causes cracks to form along the pipe structure.

Familiar Sources Of Water Damage Problems In Homes


One of the most frequent water damage problems is leaking water pipes. The primary issue with leaky pipes is that they are frequently quite challenging to find unless they are behind the sink.


Downspouts and gutters that are clogged occur when they are neglected for an extended period of time. This results in the accumulation of precipitation, which then overflows and collects around the building or home's foundation, where it may seriously harm the structure.


Extreme rainfall that causes flooding is an example of a severe weather event that can result in significant water damage problems.


Water damage can also result from old or faulty appliances that use water. For example, old water heaters and/or washing machines may cause water damage when connected to damaged or worn-out water connectors or hoses.


Blocked drains can result in significant water damage inside or outside your home. For example, the regular drainage of wastewater from your home might be impeded by a buildup of filth, toiletries, hair, or grease, among other things, which can result in leaks and water damage. In addition, tree roots from the outside may pierce the main drainage pipe of your property, causing various water damage problems.


When Should You Call A Plumber To Fix A Leak?


As you can see, there are various reasons why water leaks happen. While some plumbing leaks, such as fixing or replacing a leaking faucet, can be quickly handled with some basic plumbing knowledge and equipment, other leaks require the services of a qualified plumber.


Let's say your house has a significant water leak. In that case, it is advised that you shut off the water supply to your entire home by closing the main supply valve, which is typically found close to the water meter. Then, you should call a licensed plumber.


To prevent severe water damage, a plumbing specialist can assist you in locating concealed water leaks. At Full Spectrum Plumbing Services, we have the experience and equipment to find and fix leaks accurately, no matter how big or small.